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My Story

Before becoming a bikini brand, Bliss Boheme was a concept that has been in my mind since I started studying Fashion Design in 2004. 
Back then the idea of starting my own brand was a bit daunting, but the more I found out about the damage that fast fashion was causing to our environment and the many ways in which worker rights were violated, the more I wanted to do something to fight against that. Moving from Argentina to Sydney was the step I needed to start shaping Bliss boheme.
My goal is to slow down the fast-fashion trend by encouraging people to be conscious consumers. I have not only been searching for environmentally friendly recycled fabrics but also considering  all the other stages of the product and production process; including logistics, packaging and wages.
Our swims are crafted on the beautiful island of Bali where I was lucky enough to find an amazing team of manufacturers who work on our pieces with loving dedication. By working in small runs we are also able to include handmade details such as embroidery and crochet finishes, transforming each swimsuit into a one of a kind piece. The team is paid above the normal wages and in some cases, they work from their own homes to keep a healthy work-life balance. 
Packaging and shipping is another big challenge for sustainable brands. Last year I included recycled cardboard hang tags, I used recycled paper on my thank you notes and I started shipping every single order in home compostable satchels. 
Of course, I have not finished shaping Bliss Boheme into an eco friendly , ethical swimsuit brand yet. But I have embraced this challenge with all my heart and passion. Thank you for being a part of it.
Florencia   x. x.