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When I got my fashion degree, I didn’t know what “sustainable fashion” stood for. 

I was able to make a single dress from scratch but I didn’t really know what it took to make a thousand dresses at an affordable price. A couple of years after landing my first job in the industry, I saw it. I saw how fast fashion would thrive with socioeconomic inequalities, abusing natural resources and by heavily polluting our planet. 

It made sense to part ways with fashion, but instead of giving up my life’s passion without a fight, I decided to find some solutions and alternatives to mitigate these problems. 

The first step lies in creating awareness and willingness to change. This has become Bliss Boheme's purpose as we build our sustainable journey step by step.



We partnered with REPREVE® in order to create our prints. This fabric is made from recycling PET plastics and knitted with spandex fibres. Using recycled instead of virgin polyester produces fewer carbon emissions. And giving plastic bottles a second life keeps them out of oceans and landfills.

We’ve partnered with ECONYL® for the linings, a company that turns waste into the softest, most beautiful nylon. They get their raw material from abandoned fishing nets and other sources of nylon found in ocean waste and landfills. 




We ship all our orders in home compostable mailers that might look like plastic bags, but are actually made from plants! These mailers will biodegrade in a home compost in 3-6 months and even quicker in a commercial composting facility. They are safe for worms, worm farms and bokashi bins.

Same with our hygiene liners! (that plastic-y sticker  that safeguards swimwear & lingerie during try-on) these are non toxic, certified industrially compostable and made from a high proportion of renewable materials (like wood pulp!). Check out BPCO. to learn more!


By working in small runs we are also able to include handmade details such as embroidery and crochet finishings, transforming each swimsuit into a one of a kind piece. The team is paid above the normal wages, and in some cases, they work from their own homes to keep a healthy work-life balance.


By using recycled fabrics that can be recycled into different products infinitely, we are getting closer to reaching our goal. In the future, we hope that all our customers can recycle their Bliss Boheme swimwear, knowing that they’ve closed the loop.